Blakely Construction strives to achieve the highest standards in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment across all its operations. Our commitment within each of these areas ensures industry best practice for QHSE and sets the bar for our competition.

QSHE Focus

Our robust QHSE focus is safeguarded by a team of highly skilled employees. Within each area of our operations the top priority of each person is the effective implementation of our rigid QHSE policies and procedures. This ensures that all our operations:


The quality of our operations directly reflects the quality of our employees. Our strength and success rests on a highly skilled team motivated by a shared belief in improving knowledge and encouraging innovation. Comprehensive audits and project reviews are just a part of how we ensure quality at all levels. To read more about our Quality certification and policies, click on the links below:

Health and Safety

We maintain one of the best Health and Safety work environments in the industry. This record is achieved with strict policies, procedures and the on-going training of all staff. The priority we place in this area has ensured we adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing Health and Safety. Read more by clicking on the below links:


Protecting the environment is a key focus in all that we do. Our environmental management plans and policies working in conjunction with our staff education programme minimise negative effects on the environment. Our excellent environmental record speaks for itself and is recognised as a core value in our policies and procedures. Read more by clicking on the below link: