SCIRT/FCC Pipe Works

Brick Barrel Sewer and Stormwater Mains CIPP Lining

Scope of Works

The scope of this contract with SCIRT included installation of access manholes for the installation of the CIPP lining material used to rebuild brick water pipelines in central Christchurch. This involved breaking into the live barrel and connecting to the 100+ year old structure, which was often found to be in a poor state of repair. This presented a unique challenge and so innovative methodologies and installation processes were necessary to stay on time and on budget whilst continuing to provide a quality product. Blakely Construction completed this contract with essentially a two-person crew, whereas the previous contractor had used eight people and five machines to complete the same process. Reducing the total plant and labour on site led to a positive outcome in terms of health and safety, with no lost time or serious harm incidents to report.