Although BC has always been involved in demolition, this field of expertise has recently been brought to the forefront due to the Canterbury earthquakes. We have now successfully demolished many homes and commercial buildings, many of which were high profile.

From initially being involved from September 2010 onwards working with search and rescue, we were then called upon to remove dangerous earthquake damaged buildings in the red zone, some of which held high risk. We are CERA accredited and have been working for CERA and Hawkins successfully for more than 18 months.

We can manage all demolition works including multi storey, from initial scope of works, emptying property and safe retrieval of property (dependent on safety risks) to carting away demolition material, capping of services and leaving a tidy site with a hardfill base.

We have successfully made retrievals of plant and valuables from earthquake damaged houses and commercial buildings. Our most notable being the damaged Lyttelton Museum for which we received a letter of thanks for a job well done from the curator.